Everything a .NET developer needs to learn to go from idea to mobile product.

Learn how to validate your app idea, if an app is the best way to go and how to test your idea with rapid prototyping.
Learn everything you need to build a beautiful native mobile app with the Xamarin platform with XAML and C#.
Follow the process of app testing and publishing along with the non-coding requirements of brand imagery and video demos for app store listings.
Once your app is published, see different ways you can promote and shine in both the app store and drive users and customers to download your product.

This is a programme

There are many ways you can learn how to code a mobile app online as a .net developer. However, this is the first programme that teaches you the full end to end process of building a mobile product from idea to launch. Including all the things you need to do both inside and outside of the IDE.
We provide the latest learning material, sample code, design libraries and marketing plans to get your idea to product in a lean but structured way.
The biggest differentiator to our programme is the support you get through One to One video calls, weekly office hours and email. Using these methods we can walk through your progress, debug any issues and answer your queries.
The Programme

Everything you need to learn to turn your idea into a product.

Idea validation
Rapid prototyping
Do I need a designer?
Setting up your dev environment
Monetising your app
and 28 more areas

How long will it take for me to launch my product?

People have gone from idea to first app store release in 4 days, others have taken 4 months as they work on their product in their spare time.

The key is that you can work at your own pace and that both support and mentorship is there for you throughout your learning.