All you need to become a mobile product creator.

Both programmes include:
1 year access to all video content
3 months of weekly live Q&A sessions
Code & marketing templates
One to One video chat time
The latest app design research
£549 one time fee
1 year access to all video content *
3 months access of weekly live Q&A sessions
The latest app design research
Code & marketing templates
3 x 30 minute One to One video calls
Best for a deadline
£849 one time fee
1 year access to all video content *
3 months of weekly group live video Q&A
The latest app design research
Code & marketing templates
3 months email/Github issue support
8 x weekly 20 minute One to One video calls
All prices include VAT.

* Video content is updated periodically to ensure you are always learning the latest practices.

After you complete the programme we offer optional continuous mentorship & support programmes starting from £49 per month.

If you are a company and looking to add a developer to the programme please
see our business programme

Unsure about applying? Schedule your One to One call with a technical mentor to ask any questions about the programme.

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Common Questions

How long do I have access to the materials for?
Once accepted to the programme you will receive a link to select the cohort you wish to join in the coming weeks. Once your cohort date starts you will have access to video content for a year (with any updates during that time).
Why can't I just pay for the video material?
We tried that, creating a mobile product is hard and if you just follow a video programme most people give up. We have found that with support, even a limited amount increases your chances exponentially.
Why do I need to apply?
Much of the programme is delivered via self serve material so you can work at your own pace and without the timezone restrictions that come with live sessions.

We do though offer weekly Q&A hours and One to One video mentoring calls. Therefore we need to ensure we have the availability to support everyone who joins.
What if I don't want the coding parts of the programme?
Currently we are focused on supporting the .NET community but if you are using a different technology stack or feel the coding side isn't needed but still want to learn about the non-coding parts of mobile product creation please send us a message and we can share with you a new programme we are working on to support this audience.
What if I already know Xamarin?
Awesome, so building your app is a big part of our programme of course but there is a lot of value in the validate, launch and market areas (arguably they are more important).

Plus, we are all always learning new ways to do things in Xamarin and if you get stuck or want to just bounce an idea around with a peer maybe there will be more value in the build section of the programme than you think.

You can schedule a call with us and discuss what you need.

How does mentorship work?
We provide weekly live video Q&A sessions for members of the programme to ask questions, these are hosted in a webinar format over Zoom and recordings are provided post-recording to active programme members.

One to One sessions are scheduled via our calendar system and you will be sent a Zoom link to attend, all sessions will be recorded and made available to you.

Who are we?
We have been building mobile products for over six years with .NET and Xamarin and providing mobile product training programme's for three years all via

We have worked with leading brands and technical teams in Europe including PureGym, Iceland Foods, KTM motorbikes and Haven Holidays.

With the recent global pandemic we decided to create a remote programme that supports developers during this time regardless of where they are in the world.


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