Building a programme that works for you

There are many online programmes, courses and tutorials all that offer different things and you need to identify the one that works for you.
Hi Bob, how can we help ?
I am abit stuck on the XAML of this screen
No problem, would you like to send over the XAML or schedule a screen share to walk us through to resolve.
Screen share would be great

Finding what works for you

Our programme focuses on providing you with the online video material to learn at your own pace but with support and mentorship when you need it. We understand joining a programme can be like stepping into the unknown, this is why we have provided free access to some of our programme material below so you can see if the format works for you and you can schedule a introduction mentorship call to see how our 1 to 1 support works.

In this video we walk through how to turn your idea into a visual requirements document and then into a screen flow sketch you can share with others for feedback. We call this rapid prototyping.


In this video you can see how a Xamarin cross platform code solution is structured and how you add a 3rd party nuget package to provide native map functionality for iOS and Android.

Schedule your 1 to 1 call with a technical mentor to ask any questions about the programme.

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Why this programme

In the world of products, mobile and startups, the .NET community has been left behind. There are millions of .NET developers across the globe that have problems they want to solve and have the ability to solve them, they just need some additional knowledge and guidance.

We believe the existing market of courses and programmes for .NET developers don't offer what developers need when learning how to build a mobile product. You can learn how to code an app in Xamarin or build an API in Azure but showing you how to put these altogether, along with the non-technical knowledge of validating your idea, launching your product and marketing it to your audience is non-existent.

Our programme fills that gap to support the .NET developers that want to solve a problem with a mobile product.

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